Impact and advantage

Authentic Workshop participants get: 
– An increased self-awareness and connection to their
work and their own goals.
– Basic tools for leadership and teamwork.
– A relevant and adaptable thought-tool for daily life
– Tools that lead others to lead themselves.
– Techniques for creating consensus in work groups.

With Authentic Workshop, organizations create a workplace where staff can lead themselves and take greater common responsibility. The workshop material can be used to support staff surveys, career development talks, or as a basis for workplace meetings.

This workshop is based on our more comprehensive leadership program, Authentic Leadership. Authentic leaders have a true desire to serve otherswith their skills. They focus on empowering their staff rather than grabbing for power, money or prestige for themselves. They build lasting relationships and those around them understand, trust and follow them. Authentic leaders are guided by their own inner values and follow their own convictions and passions. They usetheir own talents while supporting others. For more information visit